Welcome To

Working The Net Marketing


I’m Michael Rife, and once again,

welcome to my site. I am a developing home

business entrepreneur.  The mission

here is to create a collective mindset that

understands the importance of building a team that

will learn and grow, take action, and teach

others to duplicate the process.

Doing so by utilizing the power of the internet

and the power of our own minds.

The most intriguing part of the internet, to me, is the

capability of reaching out to people all over the world!

Making connections with people, as friends as well

as business partners. Not leads and prospects as the

marketing industry often refers to those whom it

wishes to connect with. Making connections is key

to achieving your goals… good connections and good



Working The Net Marketing was at first purposed

to go a different direction. A purpose more relevant

came to me, as I began to learn and grow personally,

my thoughts began to change.


Below are the main topics(Not Limited To) that will

be discussed here at Working The Net Marketing.


  • Mindset

  • Personal Development

  • Building Relationships

  • Building Your Business

  • Promoting Your Business

  • Creating Traffic

  • Making Sales

  • Securing Financial Freedom and Security

  • Rewarding Yourself For Your Accomplishments

  • And Helping Others To Do The Same!


Good Luck on your ventures and I look forward to

helping you any way I can.


 Your Friend,

Michael Rife